Friday, March 08, 2013

"Write Great Blog Posts in 5 Easy Steps"

Totally fictitious chart
5Easy Steps? Really? I think not. I'm so sick of reading these headlines. "Five easy steps" my foot, I can't even get out of bed in five easy steps, let alone write a great blog post using this method.

The power of Numbers

Once upon a time someone came up with this cleaver trick of including a number in their blog headline. (And when I say "once upon a time" here, that's only a year ago, which is ancient history in the great Internet timeline.)

"They" claimed numbers got more attention. (Odd ones are best "they" say, but I don't have any substantiated evidence of that. Who is "they" anyway?)

Numbers, the blogists1 told me, got people curious, got people clicking, gave me more web traffic, which would result in greater ad revenue, and more money in my pocket. Really? Yeah, shamefully I tried it. No great traffic increase here that I'm seeing.

Am I missing something?

Let me re-read the "they" advice. Ah, here it is:
You must include"easy" in the heading. That's a surefire way to get the click-n-read people flocking to your website.
I'm doubtful.  Are readers so lazy to believe that writing content is as easy as 1-2-3?


Yeah sure, adding numbers and including "easy" in the title worked for a while, until EVERYONE was doing it. Strange thing about web traffic recommendations, they are like stock recommendations . . . totally worthless. By the time the recommendation reaches my ears, everyone is buying it, so the stock (or method) is already inflated and buyer saturated. Same is true with ideas on increasing web traffic and better SEO2.

Now, whenever I see a number in a heading, I simply skip it. It's impossible to numberize3 everything. It's too subjective, too simplified, and simply childish.

I hope you bloggers out there are convinced now.  When you include numbers in your blog headings people aren't clicking anymore.

So stop it!

Although. In retrospect.  The title of this blog post included "5 Easy Steps" and that got you here,  didn't it?

Maybe numbers have more power than I'd imagined.

No sense in being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway. - Anonymous

Dave's definitions:
  1. blogists: A class of people who incessantly blog about a single subject.
  2. SEO means "search engine optimization" or better said: What appears at the top of a Google search. Everyone wants to be at the top but only a few people make it, in fact, just one.
  3. Numberize: To number steps in a blog heading. Numberization is the senseless act of numbering of those steps.