Thursday, January 13, 2005


It's lunch time and I've got to find something to eat.

I didn't bring anything since my wife is away in Hawaii. She always fixes me something and puts it into a brown bag. When I get up and leave at 6:20 I just reach in to the fridge and grab the brown bag, stuff it into my Lands End canvas, and drive off. Now that she's not here what am I going to eat. And I'm out of cash. Ruth usually gives me an allowance at the start of the week but she's not here and....never mind.

I do carry a cafeteria card but it only has 98 cents left on it. I used it this morning for breakfast. I charged a whole $1.04 for a cup of oatmeal but with the new balance I can't afford anything in the cafeteria until I recharge the card. These are tough times. Let me look around the office to see what I can dig up. I could make a sign and hold it up near my cube "Will work for food." Wait a minute I AM working.

Wait, there's some cheese in the small fridge we keep in the side office. Hmmm, no chips, no sandwich, what else do I have here. Hey, here's some microwave popcorn. Yeah, popcorn and cheese, a little tea, that could work.

So here I relax with popcorn (using chopsticks so that I don't get the keyboard greasy), slices of cheese and a cup of tea. A well-rounded lunch fur sure.

One Cannibal to the other: "I hate my mother-in-law."
Reply: "Well then just eat your peas and carrots."