Saturday, February 19, 2005


It�s odd but true, we live in a society that is insurance crazy.

The insurance companies are making big bucks because they make us work for every reimbursement. Sometimes they don�t reimburse us at all. So let me understand. I carry insurance so that they�ll cover in case of emergency or a large portion of the doctor�s bills but not all bills, only the ones they agree to.

I�m stuck in the middle of big business. Doctors on one hand trying to make me better but charging me a co-pay and insurance companies on the other making me feel worse by hitting me up for reimbursements. I don�t think I�ll win this battle.

For example, Ruth goes to a back therapist. They have been working on her for some time. Suddenly, this year, our insurance company is taking an upper hand in the treatments. Each treatment she receives they send two pages of questions. Ruth answers the questions and sends it in. This has been going on since the start of the year.

But the envelopes keep coming. Tonight she showed me a stack of seven envelopes, all with the same questions to answer. I told her to call our insurance company and tell them that the treatments won�t help any if they keep sending all this mail. It�s breaking her back just carrying the stack into the house!

I think I could sue for postage harassment.

It just doesn�t make any sense.

Insurance company slogans:
"Coverage from the cradle to the grave."
"Coverage from the womb to the tomb."
"Coverage from the sperm to the worm."