Saturday, February 05, 2005


I was asked to meet with a user that was having some difficulty configuring the security properties of their users.

When I reached her cube I noticed a large picture in crayon pinned to her wall. It was about three feet high by five feet wide. The picture depicted a hearth with stuffed animals stacked on either side.

I commented on what a nice picture she had. It was very basic. It looked like the product of a child. I imagined that her daughter or son had drawn it.

�Oh� she said �my girl did that!�

�Well that�s a very good drawing.� I commended her. She was noticeably pleased and proud. "Looks like she has some talent."

�We did it together.� She beamed.

�My son loves to draw too.� I told her. �How old is your girl?� I asked.

�Oh, she�s twenty-one.�

Ah, twenty-one? There must be something wrong, this is a kid�s picture of a very child-like subject. And she helped? Maybe her girl is mentally challenged and this was a picture they did together, and so has special meaning. Why else would she pin it up, here in her cube? What do I say next? I don�t want to offend. I wasn't sure what I should say next. But she saved me. She said:

�Would you like to see a picture of her?�

�Yes, I would very much.�

Then she showed me a picture of a very normal looking, beautiful blond woman. The girl�s picture didn�t look anything like her parent. I was just not getting it. Finally, she said: �She�s my partner.�

Ooooohhhhhhh, I get it. Oooopppppssss.

Why in the world didn�t she say that in the beginning?

Yikes! I�m too slow.

But then, this doesn't explain the kiddy crayon drawing in the cube. I still don't get it.

Just because I'm slow doesn't mean I'm stupid.