Saturday, February 26, 2005

Monster Garage

Ruth has subscribed to NetFlix. It's an Internet DVD rental service. The initial month is $15 (they double it after that). You can rent as many DVDs as you want. The only catch is that you can only have three at any time. So, she rented the first three, and queued up the other shows she wants from their web site.

They sent us the DVDs which arrived in a day. After viewing the shows, we return them in the provided mailing sleeves and they send the next one in her wish list. The cool part is, the place is in Georgia and just about 20 minutes from us so the DVDs come in a day or so.

She has ordered me Monster Garage. The two programs that were on the Monster Garage DVD was "Switch Blade" a Mustang Mower ...


and Garbage Truck made out of a 1993 Ford Explorer.

Garbage Truck - 1993 Ford Explorer

Garbage Truck forks

When they finish the car or truck, it still must look stock but the inside reveals some "monster" design, like a three blade industrial lawn mower that slides out of the back of the Mustang. (Not shown here.)

Other creations:

"Zamboni" Delux

Grim Reaper (tomb digger) from a Meteor Cadillac hearse

Grim Reaper's Working End

Minor Mods to the Grim Reaper

Lincoln Stretch Firetruck

The firemen

Jesse James, of West Coast Choppers, is the main character. Great shows. Crazy guys. Most of the guys are famous hot rod or bike builders and designers. They are on the rough side. Most of them have tough guy tattoos on their biceps and sport rings or studs in their lips and ears.

Jesse James

The objective is that when they are done, the car looks stock (except for the paint and rims). They have just seven days to finish. Their budget is $3,000. Everything is fabricated in the garage.

"We were just going to rent a car and then take it back when were done." - Jesse James