Monday, February 28, 2005

Store Walk

Store Walk

Today I was asked to check out one of our stores. I went along with two others. Our job was to determine the number of computers and what was running on each one.

When we opened some of the computer cabinets, we found filthy interiors. Dust thick enough to use for packing material, forget bubble wrap. Lots of mouse droppings, enough to start a garden.

I got to thinking about why we don't have someone come around and clean these things out. My buddy said:

"Why don't we just have the cleaning folks clean these or even the janitor."

"Ah, somehow 2000 flushes and a toilet brush won't work here." I thought.

He was the one that discovered the "rat turds" actually. He's the kind of guy that says it like it is.

We discovered several other machines that looked like they didn't have a friend. Some of the beatings these things take is alarming. I asked them if anyone was contracted to clean these things out. No, they told me. Then I got to thinking about doing it myself. It could add up to a big chunk of change.

I'd be a dirty job but with the money I could bring in, I could drive away in a stretch.

I see you with disturbing clarity. - Dr. Phil