Thursday, March 10, 2005

American Express

Yeah, it's true, we've come into our own. We've become American Express carriers. I'm feeling much better now. I feel much more "empowered" now that I have American Express behind my purchases.

I already have VISA and MasterCard but with AMEX in my pocket there is nothing I can't conquer.

The main reason for the card was the bonus 12,500 bonus miles on Delta. That's cool. It gets us to our families in California and Hawaii without cost.

But one of the selling points for us was that we could use it for our mortgage payments. Wow! Using it for the house payments could sure rack up the miles. So we went for it.

But here's the weird part. Here's the ugly part. When we called our two mortgage companies, neither of them would accept it. Then Ruth called AMEX. They have a mortgage division. After several dead ends, transfers, phone menus, and even a misdirected route to a sex hotline, she got a warm body (but not the one on the sex hotline). It was a rep for AMEX. When Ruth told him that the main reason for getting the AMEX card was that it was advertised that we could use it for our mortgage. Could we transfer our mortgage to AMEX and then pay with the card? The guy kind of snorted. He said 'Yeah, he'd be happy to transfer our mortgages, but no, there was no way AMAX would allow payments through their AMEX card." Thank you very much.

Was he aware that the AMEX glossies said that this was possible? How could they say this if their own company didn't support such a thing?

It's so exasperating.

Just today Ruth received a query letter from American Express asking their service was?

Glad you asked.

"I haven't reported my missing credit card to the police because whoever stole it is spending less than my wife." -Ilie Nastase