Saturday, March 12, 2005

Shadow Divers

I've just started Shadow Divers. It's a true story about divers who discover an old WWII submarine. Rusty said it's a page turner. He sent me the recommendation at 3:00am after finishing the book.

I haven't kept any light burning but so far it's pretty interesting. Robert Kurson is a very good story teller.

I wish my buddy wouldn't do this to me, sending me all these recommendations for books. I've already got ten books stacked, literally stacked like a tower, on my bed stand. Trouble is, I've been so loaded down learning Chinese I don't have any time to leisure read anymore.

I'm immersing myself into Chinese. I have four Chinese Pimsler CDs in my car that come on just as soon as I start the engine. I have a word processor that I use to look up all the pining (romanize chinese characters). I carry flash cards with me that I can pull out during boring meetings. I also carry a dictionary in my pocket. And finally I've loaded a Learn to Write Chinese flash card system on my machine at work. The idea is to immerse yourself in the language. It appears to be working. I know at least three more words since last week so I'm making progress.

Ruth and I have been speaking to each other any time we get a chance, ah, talk in Chinese that is. We try to form nonsense sentences or ask each other questions and respond as best we can. Our vocabulary is increasing. We could probably talk to a one year old.

Back to the book...I'll let you know if it's as absorbing as learning Chinese.

Language is the dress of thought.� ~Samuel Johnson