Friday, April 22, 2005

Business Cards

It's been three years now since I began working for the Enterprise. There have been numerous times I've asked for Business Cards. At least once a month I'll meet with a vendor who hands me their business card and asks for mine. Since I have none, I usually write my email address and extension on a post-it note. They think I'm just messing with their mind. They will not believe that an Architect doesn't have cards.

Finally, I asked for cards. One of the admins asked me to type up what I wanted on the card. I thought that an odd request. They know my name, position with the company, and extension. What else would I provide? No problem. I write it up and send it to her.

Two months later I remind her again about the cards. "Oh, yeah, been busy. What did you want on the cards again?" So I forward the same message that I sent them two months ago.

A month passes, a company reorganization occurs, and I'm back at square one with the new admin.

"Can you order me business cards?" "Sure, no problem, tell me what you want it to say."

I do. I wait. I follow up with another friendly reminder: "I know you are so busy, but . . ."

I really forget about not having business cards until another visit from a vendor. I keep thinking I will eventually get them. But I'm having doubts.

With the latest reorg I asked my new boss. "Sure, no problem." A month passes, no response. I call the admin and follow up with a friendly email to his admin. "Sure, they are ordered."

Wow, finally, I have cards on their way. But wait a minute. What's this?

Sitting in my inbox is the subject in bold letters: REQUEST REJECTED" by my boss. "As you know Dave" he writes in the email "we are in a spending freeze. I know it's not much but I'm holding the line."

"I'll tell you what" I wrote in my return mail "I'll foot the bill of $11 and the Enterprise can reimburse me after the freeze is lifted." Never even received a response.

Can you believe that they would reject the request for eleven bucks? It's beyond me. Since the first of the year, we've made billions. But evidently that can't cover $11 for business cards for the folks building the systems that bring in that kind of money.

A billion here and a billion there, and pretty soon you're talking real money. -Everett Dirksen: