Saturday, April 16, 2005

What is insurance for anyway?

It seems that this has become a blog for the bizarre. That was never the intent. This was just suposed to be a blog-a-day, a sort of light hearted, entertaining, sort of blog. Something just for friends and family. But now it seems I write about bizarre stuff.

For example, our health insurance. I pay lots for the health care of the family, as I'm sure you do. It seems that it doesn't come free with a good company. Bare minimum MAY pay for a aspirin from a clinic, but other than that you get nothing for free, you've got to cough up (pun intended) some dough.

Ruth has been going for treatment of back pain for some months now. In fact, she was going last year too. Suddenly the insurance decided to audit each and every visit. We've tried everything to stop this madness but to no avail so I wrote the following letter:

--- start of letter ---


Each time my wife visits her doctor, I receive an "Audit Packet" from your company.

This packet is three pages long and contains fifteen questions requesting me to explain treatment, charges, duration, physician's name, physician's address, how she was injured, how much she paid, etc. etc. etc.

I have sitting here on my desk fifteen of these packets, that's right, 15 envelopes of three pages each of 15 questions in each one. They all ask the same things. (I've already filled out three of these things and sent them in.)

What is alarming to me is the frequency of your audits. An audit is the review of AN examination, not each and every one. Last year we received none of these, and she visited the same doctor the same number of times.

Please stop sending me these packets each and every time my wife goes to the doctor. I have no objection to filling out one of these occasionally, perhaps once every six to twelve months, but anything beyond that I consider harassment.

Through my company I receive my medical coverage. I pay dearly for these services. I do not wish to be tasked with your office paperwork. If you wish to audit the doctor or doctors, please send this paperwork to them, or send an audit representative to the location for an interview.

My wife has tried to contact you by phone three times. No one answers. She has left messages. No one will call her back. Therefore, I request that you quit this ludicrous harassment. Please stop sending us these "audits."

My email is ____________, my phone is _______________, my address has been provided above.

Thank you in advance for terminating these incessant mailings.

--- end of letter ---

I write a firm letter!

One man was so mad at me that he ended his letter: "Beware. You will never get out of this world alive." -John Steinbeck