Monday, May 02, 2005

Fake a Kidnapping Kit

You've all been tracking the runaway bride that got national coverage. Yeah, I know, I know, she's from Atlanta Georgia. It seems a lot of activities that get CNN coverage originate right here in good 'ol Georgia. (For other Georgia stories check out Family Problems and Atlanta in the News.)

It's so popular, a guy on eBay is selling a piece of toast carved like the runaway. Last time I checked the bid was at $16,000.

If it's on national news, you can believe it's all over the local news. There are interviews with people that knew her, school friends, town people, bowling league teammates, etc. Some said she had a fling for the limelight. A bit of a drama queen I guess. She has a twin brother. There have been lot's of pictures from the High School album.

But the best local clip was the radio station DaveFM that features a "store commercial" advertising Kidnapping Kits. (DaveFM is a real radio station. It's kind of cool because my radio display the station on the dash.)

Anyway the "commercial" went something like this:

"Are you fed up with work? Finals coming up and you want to skip out? Wedding plans too stressful? Now you can fake your own kidnapping with our new, complete, kidnapping kit."

"That's right, everything is included. A blind fold, a roll of duct tape, bus ticket, and pieces of cut rope. Everything you'll need to convince the police that you were really taken hostage. Look no further, we have it all!"

You got to love it. Even though I heard this while half asleep driving into work today, I laughed all the way.

Maybe I'll get one of those kits. You know, just in case.

I am profoundly and irreversibly screwed up. -Maggie Carpenter from the movie Runaway Bride