Friday, May 27, 2005

Family Computing

I sit here in a half-darked room with a single light above Eric's desk. He is typing away on his iMac, adding to his blog. I think he's planning a film project. He's even designing some clothes and has posted pictures on his blog for his buddies. He told me that a friend, an outstanding drummer, has written some great Techno tunes that he can use in the movie. His brother built a sound studio in their barn outside. They do some incredible stuff. He calls his group Anomaly.

Ruth is typing away on her machine making invitation cards for our upcoming party. She bought cards from Swoozie's, a kind of chick place with bright colored cards, paper, and printings. She's got some summery cards with a little table and unbrella drinks printed at the bottom.

And me? I'm here on our rocker-recliner with the iBook on my lap typing away in this blog.

Now Snickers, our cat, wants some of the action. He's whining at the front door. He's got this sort of low "bruupppp" sound. If I talk to him: "Hey Snicks, what's up?" He'll respond with a "bruuupppp" noise. He lays in front of our french doors with his back to us but his ears are pointed backwards, listening to our conversation. I think he may want water because he started our conversation by coming over and looking up at me. Then he gives his bruupppp sound, so I know something's up. When I ask him if he has water, he'll start to walk toward the laundry, where we keep it, but then pause, point his ears back to listen for my steps. After he's had his water, he returns and sits sphinx-like in front of the french doors, protecting the office.

I just wish my mouth had a backspace key. - Author Unknown