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Good Wine, Good Friends

About 20 of our friends got together for dinner. I brought a bottle of wine in a paper lunch sack, all taped up for the host. I know he likes California wine almost exclusively (as do I) but I brought this little item over for him to try.

I put a big question mark on the sack and removed the cork foil so that even the top of the bottle wouldn't give anything away.

He took a sip and immediately liked it. He tried to guess it's origin and finally landed in Chile. Then I asked him to guess the price. He started at $12 but was blown out of the water when he learned that I bought it from World Market for $6.99. It's a great little light Cab for everyday drinking with your meal. Check out the Atacama Cabernet from Chile (I bought the 20003).

I often look for these little gems like these that I can drink with our meals and don't require me to rob a bank or forfeit my son's inheritance.

Another choice wine for everyday drinking is the Rex Goliath. Good wine for about $7.99.

We topped out the evening drinking a Zin he likes from V. Sattui, peppery and smooth. And finally we finished up with some Madera from the same winery. Absolutely the best port I've had.

It was just nice to stand around his wine counter and talk of the different wineries he's visited. He offered to give us his pass to Sattui when we take our next trip to California.

Try the Rex or the Atacama, they're cheap and enjoyable.
"What contemptible scoundrel stole the cork from my lunch?" - W. C. Fields

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