Friday, May 06, 2005

Vacation Time

Summer is coming to a kid near you. School is out and what to do but plan a trip. I was amazed at all the KINDS of trips you can take. Hiking, biking, climbing. I thought vacations were for rest.

When I was growing up, we took a car trip. But that's old hat, that's yesterday, that's so last week. Get a grip dude and check out some of the better ways people spend their days off of school and work.

I found the Travel link on the MSN page.

Here is a few of ideas:

Cruise Travel (a very cool way to go.)
Tropical Travel
European Travel

And here's an interesting one, Active Travel. Hmmmm, I thought all travel WAS active. If it isn't, how do you get there? Maybe there is such a thing as mental travel? Of course the folks that take those trips stay in pink rooms with a bed on the floor AND the wall. Those tend to be very long trips you usually take on a short bus.

My favorite link has to be Luxury Travel. Check this out. Regular rooms for just $9,500 per night. The biggest room, ahem, is The Peninsula Suite; it measures 3,300 square feet. That's the size of my house! I can't imagine spending six months mortgage for ONE night.

No, I'm afraid I'll have to settle for Car Travel this year instead. I'm checking out the Budget Travel.

Vacation is what you take when you can't take what you've been taking any longer. -Anonymous