Thursday, June 16, 2005

Convertible Drive

Summer drives are awesome, especially with the top down. I just took a quick drive to Borders because they sent us a 25% off coupon. So, of course, I had to spend it.

Since we are planning a trip to NYC, I thought I'd pick up a quick reference travel book. Seems silly really to spend $2 in gas to save $2 in a book. But, hey, it was worth the drive.

It was about 8:20 when I left home. Just before backing out of the garage I put the top down. The sun was just under the horizon but it was bright enough for my shades. As I passed through our neighborhood I waved at all the kids (while driving slowly). Many parents were out walking their dogs. A couple of fathers were out helping their children learn to ride.

The radio was set at WABE classical. Carl Hoss was explaining some music piece he had just played but my mind was wandering. I was looking down the road, taking it all in. There was little traffic.

The great rush about a convertible is the gentle breeze blowing through your hair. I also enjoy the tree and flower fragrances that you just don't enjoy in a closed car, or even for that matter, a non-convertible with the windows down. The scents of the outdoors just don't reach you. But with the top down you can smell what's cooking on your neighbor's grill.

After finding what I wanted at Borders, it was now dark out. But the gibbous moon and the stars still entertain me on the way home. Sure there was some guy in a VW trying to get around me, tailing me down the road. But that's only because he doesn't enjoy the journey. Can't blame him, poor guy, not in a convertible and all. What do you expect from a guy all up tight? You'd expect that he wanted to get around me quickly so that he can get out of his car and enjoy the summer air. For me, I didn't have to get out of the car. I was enjoying the summer air WHILE driving.

I feel so badly for all the others. Maybe someday they can get a convertible too.

Convertibles are cool, especially when it's 60 degrees out. -Dave Terry