Friday, June 10, 2005

Windows of the World

In 1981 while living in NYC a friend invited Ruth and I out to dinner. He didn't tell us much but we were to dress up (tie and jacket). We took the subway to the World Trade Center and then hopped onto the elevator.

I'm not sure if the elevator traveled as fast as the South Tower, 60 mph. The South Tower had the observation deck, whereas the North Tower had the restaurant called Windows of the World. Stan, our host, got us a table at the window facing north, we had a view right up Broadway. The streets looked golden from up there. Lights flooded up the streets until they reached Central Park where Manhattan went dark. The light from the traffic glowed incandescent. I took a long exposure that made the streets appear to be of gold.

The table was linen, the utensils were of real silver, buffed and polished each day. We ate a tender steak and talked as if the night would last forever. I don't really remember leaving. I still have this vision of facing north, looking right up Manhattan. The light reflecting off the wine glass and silverware lit up my face as I looked northward. I remember Stan talking about the French language and how he wanted to take us to "La Cave" next. It's as if I'm in a dream. It will never be repeated.

That has got to be the best meal I've ever had.

A man seldom thinks with more earnestness of anything than he does of his dinner. -Samuel Johnson