Tuesday, July 26, 2005

NYC - Mid-Manhattan

We decided to go out for breakfast. It's true the hotel has free continental breakfast but we need some protein, especially since, in these last two days, we've been walking all over creation.

Everywhere and anywhere in the city there are great deals for breakfast. For $2.25 you can get eggs, toast, hash-browns, and a cup of coffee.

Just down the street we opted to pay a buck more and get the omelet. We carried our breakfast down to 42nd and 5th and ate in front of the New York Public LIbrary.

The temp is going to be 105 today so we ducked into a book store (Coliseum Bookstore across the street). This bookstore has a cafe so I ordered coffee. I always order plain black coffee but a New Yorker in front of me ordered iced coffee and I thought Why not? and ordered coffee poured over ice and served in a clear plastic cup.

Ruth found a great location facing the library and park at the counter. We climbed up on the high chairs with our coffee and books. Throngs of people walked by, we gawked at them walking in that sweltering New York air. It's like a blast furnace out there. Hot air blows up from the grates and hot air blows from the truck and bus exhaust. It's great to be inside.

I guy with another iBook came in and helped me connect to the free wireless. I felt a little embarrassed that I didn't remember I had my network encrypted and so couldn't connect. He just suggested that I set up another configuration and it worked. After I thanked him, he said: "Yeah, it helps to be working in computers for so long." Yeah, well, my being involved in computers for 25 years didn't help me none. Of course, I didn't tell him that. I just told him how great it was having such an experienced computer person next to me at the counter. Who would have imagined a Mac user would be sitting right next to me? I told him I just got the computer and so didn't know much.

I casted about for a good book to read while we sat in the cafe and found a strange book called "We are sorry." It was filled with just pictures of people holding up cardboard or paper signs saying "I'm so sorry." What is this about? Some of the cardboard signs had longer messages. One of them apologized for the current U.S. administration's decision to go to war with Iraq. Oh, now I get it. Some signs said we love other people of the world, we don't hate anyone, etc. One of the pictures caught my attention though. It was a picture of a 40-ish woman wearing a spaghetti-stringed tank top, shortly shorts with ragged hems, and fishnet stockings. She was blowing smoke up from her cigarette through her stringy hair. The caption read: "Sorry the Jacka** won." (It's a family site here, okay!) What struck me as strange was that anyone of the middle-eastern nations (and I assume this was the audience intended) would have been so horrified at her dress (or lack of it) that they would not even have notice the message she was holding. They would not even have gotten past the tank top that had Jacka** emblazoned on it. This whole picture would have been so objectionable to these nations, I doubt that book would receive any kind of wide distribution.

But I digress.

NYC Public Library is just across the street, it's air conditioned and quiet. So we found a dark chocolate-coffee colored wood paneled room to read, write, and draw in. Eric and Forest decided to do some sketching while I wrote a little and Ruth took a brief nap. Ahhhh, peace and quiet. We can hear little street noise, a faint ambulance but certainly no busses or taxis.

We got back to the hotel but Eric and Forest decided to brave the subways on their own and went to Battery Park. Crazy kids. They did well and were back before dark.

Sony innovations tomorrow! A very cool place we hear.

Until then.

Drunk guy: "So, where would you want to get your gall bladder taken out: France or New York?" -Overheard at 1st Avenue & 3rd Street