Sunday, August 14, 2005

Foreign Experiences

Just last night we were all talking about some of the experiences we've all had visiting and living in foreign countries. There are so many things here in America that we just simply take for granted. Things we do every day that are just not common experiences in third-world countries.

My favorite experience, and one that clearly communicates how much we take for granted here, is from my sister and her husband. I certainly can't tell it like them but you'll get the idea.

They went to visit some friends in Peru. Travel is rough at best and public transportation is nothing more that an old bus traveling over pot holes in the bush. Some roads become washed out and the bus has to constantly re-route to circumvent the missing paths. In Peru you don't flush your toilet paper but dispose of it in a bin next to the John. This is because the sewage treatment can't handle the paper. It'll often back up.

Anyway they were traveling in a bus over a rough road when my brother-in-law had to use the can. He went to the back of the bus and was gone for some time. My sister was beginning to worry about him when finally he returned holding his stomach. He'd had a hard time back there. Now he was back.

She glanced down at where his pants met his shoes and was puzzled so asked: "Where is your socks?"

But he responded, without skipping a beat: "Don't ask."