Monday, August 29, 2005


Georgia was hit by the storm. In Carroll County one news story showed a huge chicken farm wiped out. Evidently the owner went out to check on them just as the tornado touched down and burred him under debris. He is in critical condition. I can't imagine what he thought he could do out there. His bobcat was picked up and then thrown down 200 feet away. His truck was flipped upside down by the tornado. There is extensive damage through out the area. Carroll County is about an hour away from us.

In Spalding Country, just about an hour and a half south of us, a house was picked up by a tornado 200 feet in the air, with two people in it, and slammed down again. There was nothing left. Unbelievably, the people survived.

Trailers are everywhere in Georgia. They didn't fair well. They disintegrated, like balsa wood and rice paper run over by a steamroller.

So much damage has occurred already at 4:00 p.m. today, about the time I left from work.

In Mobile, Alabama, the floods are greater than in 90 years previous.

In Louisiana, some reports say the storm is bigger then Ivan last year. 250,000 people without power. Some of the waterworks use pumps. One oil rig came loose and wedged itself under a bridge.

Cell phones are down, so much for wireless.

As soon as there is life there is danger. -Ralph Waldo Emerson