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Annie, Get your gun!

Today is Sunday. We've decided to go back up to the roof and patch up things so that at least is doesn't leak. When we got up there there was much more then we anticipated. We replaced about 30 composition shingles. There were several holes that we patched up first. We were up there for hours.

Tools were scarce. We had to use what we could find. Next time I come down I'm bringing my tool box, broom, and rake. The sorry wheelbarrow you see here I dug out from under a huge oat tree that landed on the shed. Like I said, you've got to use whatever you find.

Yesterday I took three showers. Last night we were out back having dinner (canned stew) when we heard voices in the house. We both looked at each other. I had my back to the house and so turned around when I heard: "Hey, anyone here?" There in the window was a guy with a shotgun.

Turns out, when he drove up and saw two cars he didn't recognize, he decided to get his gun. Trouble was he had been drinking. Alcohol and guns don't mix real well.

Actually, they are the parents of the kid that rents the house we have been restoring. They came by for a hot shower.

Even though the house doesn't have electricity yet, nor water you can trust to drink, they have gas which runs the hot water heater and stove.

Being thankful for small things can keep your sanity.

After finishing up the roof and the yard, I sat shirtless out on the front porch, just like those other folks I saw yesterday. Who would have thunk it? Me, a California dude, hanging out with the best of them on a Mississippi porch in the heat of the day.


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