Wednesday, October 12, 2005

270 posts

It seems hard to believe that I've been at this post-a-day blog for about a year. In just a couple of months, this will be behind me.

It was all in an effort to force myself to write each day in hopes of improving the output. Originally, I had hoped to keep it funny, or at least humorous. That lasted a few days. Then I wanted to post something meaningful. That lasted a few more days. Then I just wanted to post SOMETHING. No matter how insipid, inane, arcane, or even crazy the remarks, they have at least been consistent.

Now I'm closer to the end of this journey than it's beginning. It's been fun, if exhausting. Keeping up with a post a day is simply madness, some would call it crazy. I call it insane.

Posting something interesting, or insightful, or even humorous is more difficult that I realized. (Just read any of these posts!) I just can't think of interesting stuff to say everyday. My life is simply not THAT interesting, and that is what this experiment was supposed to be all about.

I had thought that experiences don't have to be interesting if told in some interesting way. I guess that's true up to a point. But someone writing about a jungle expedition or cave exploration would certainly get more traffic to their web site.

From the early days of posts here, the traffic has increased from about 600 hits a month to 750 hits a month. Not a whole lot. I had imagined that linking the site to others would increase traffic. But it's content, not links keeps them coming.

So while it has all been an interesting exercise in writing, not much else has come from this.

The real joy simply comes from sharing.

You can't have everything; where would you put it? -  Steven Wright