Saturday, October 22, 2005

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth used to be something you saw in the south when a redneck smiled at you. Now it's part of some newfangled technology.

It's now used in headsets for cell phone users. The device is sort of a Star Trek thingy hanging out of people's ears like a wad of silver ear wax. It looks way too geeky to me.

And I see people using these things everywhere. At first only teens used them. But the other day I saw a 60 year old lady with one of these barnacles in her ear. She was eating and talking at the same time.

It's strange, people don't dine out with their friends anymore. They dine alone and talk to their friends on the phone. It's sort of a virtual relationship.

I know folks like the idea of wireless stuff, and I get that an untethered phone makes for a sleek look and all that. But whatever happened to talking on a phone? Soon the earpiece will BE the phone. Eventually you'll put a piece of clear wax in your auditory canal and talk away. No need for a device with buttons on it. You'll just say the person's name and the device will connect to the Internet, look up the number and dial it. No manual dialing necessary.

Personally, I'm waiting for the Dick Tracy watch. I want to talk and see the person at the same time.

Modern technology / Owes ecology / An apology. - Alan M. Eddison