Friday, October 14, 2005

Eating Out Alone

I get where Keith and Tahl are coming from in their book Never Eat Alone but I would propose that you eat alone occasionally. Because, unless you eat alone, you'll never overhear neighboring table discussions. Let's face it, when you eat with someone else you're off in your own discussion. You don't really tune in to another table. Believe me when I tell you, eating alone can be an education, or at least entertainment.

For example, just today while eating at Jason's Deli at the Comberland Mall in Atlanta I overheard this discussion:

girl #1: Did you hear? They are putting in glass offices on our floor!

guy: Now where am I going to pick my nose?

girl #2: Well, at least we can see what Jennie is doing with all those vendors she has coming in.

guy: I've never seen so many cheap sport coats in my life.

girl #1: Now I can't hide out in my office anymore.

Ah yes, eating alone can be quite entertaining.

I couldn't WRITE better dialogue then that!

The lunch was great too. Chicken pasta with marinara sauce and toasted garlic sour dough bread.

"He who eats alone chokes alone." -Arab Proverb, H. L. Mencken, Dictionary of Quotations (1942)