Thursday, October 20, 2005

Lap Desk

Since I don't have my own desk now, I've decided to get a lap desk.

Borders had one for $50 but with the 24% discount I got it for less. It's kind of cool I guess. I flips up and you can store books and pens inside. It may just work. It even has a pen grove like the old-time desks at school. There's a black beanbag pillow underneath so that it'll settle down across the lap. There is a divider for the pens inside as well.

The idea was to bring it to class today but it's rather large for the chairs. Besides, it may be a bit silly looking. This usually doesn't bother me but...

I've been trying a new note taking process. Since at these meetings I'm always balancing several books, some notes, and the notebook in my lap, I decided to take a different track.

I purchased a pack of 4x6 cards and a small binder clip. I simply clip 20 cards together and write notes on them in portrait position. It really works well. When I have to reference something in one of the books, it'll simply switch hands and I can still refer to them. When I get down near the bottom of the card, I'll unclip it from the rest, slide it up a bit and re-clip it. The cards under the top note card provides writing surface for me to fill in the lower half of the card.

It's simple and cheap! I may just switch to this style for all my note taking.

My friend invented Cliff's Notes. When I asked him how he got such a great idea, he said, "Well, first I... I just... well, to make a long story short..." -Steven Wright