Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Art Studio

As I mentioned in a previous blog, we got invited to an Art and Poetry Coffee House. Tonight we heard some excellent talent, that is, besides my own.

I can't begin to reprint the 50 poems read tonight or show you pictures of the artwork we saw. But I can tell you it was humbling to realize there are other talented people besides myself. Who would have thought?

Some displayed photography, others pencil or charcoal, still others paintings. There was even some cubist artwork there tonight. Impressive.

Many dressed in the '60s beatnik style, in all black. No one clapped, we all just snapped. Some poems were funny, other touching, and still others brought tears. There was one poem from a young man about his father. It was about how he respected his father even though the father abandoned the family when he was just a baby. It was about how he wished things were different but he was making the best of it. Very moving.

Our friends rented The Art Studio. The chairs were arranged on risers and small TV trays with battery lamps were located amonst them. I guess we listened to 50 or so poems.

If you like poetry, check out my not-so-serious site called: gotVerse? Or if you are a serious poet, try my buddy Mark Pringle's site. He gives out cash prizes for the contest winners.

A poet is someone who is astonished by everything.