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I've been on this kick lately, not sure how long it will last, of putting sketches into my journals. I might have mentioned it before?

It doesn't take much time but it calms the nerves. Not that I need to calm my nerves or anything. It's preventative medicine that's all. At least, that's what my therapist tells me.

I've always said I'm in the wrong field. If the left brain controls cognitive thinking and the right spacial, then I'm a right-brain guy stuck in a left-brain job. Of course, all I do is draw software architecture diagrams. Does that count?

Danny Gregory talks about his job in New York City as an Art Director and how sketching changed his life (or saved it, depending on how you look at it.) He sounds like he didn't make the switch but just found time in his daily schedule to sketch more. Now, years later, he has journals and sketchbooks lined along his book shelves. They are rich in color and depth. Although he claims he sketches to "get lost in the moment" he still enjoys going back and reliving his experiences through his sketches and journals.

Magnets are great for space travel because you can like, play chess on the moon and stuff.

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