Friday, May 19, 2006

Illegal Alien Caught

Since the border has been closed we've had no trouble with illegal aliens coming across our cat door border. However, this doesn't solve the problem of resident illegal aliens.

After Taco dropped the chipmunk and it scampered away, he's taken up residence in our house. He usually travels from room to room so it's hard to track him. Even if we could find out where he was, how do we catch him? We don't have 6,000 troops in Humvees to deploy. We are on a very limited budget.

Every so often I'd see a brown blur out of the corner of my eye but by the time I turned, he was gone. He's fast. Finally I decided to go on the hunt and track him down, no matter how long it took. I started by closing the bedroom door and chasing him around the corners of the room. Sometimes he'd hide in the most unusual places. For example, he hid behind the pillows of our upstairs couch. It's very hard to locate him.

It took me an hour to track him down and corner him in our bathroom. I finally tossed him out into the backyard using a bucket.

Now I can rest easy.

Every exit is an entrance somewhere else. -Tom Stoppard