Tuesday, March 27, 2007


A fever of 102 is just too much for the body. I'm convinced that an inside part of me melted and I'll never be the same. The heat is unbearable. The joints ache. The back burns. And I can never get comfortable. If you reach a fevor of 102 you're a goner fer sure.

And that's exactly what happened to me. No lie. I don't really know what my body was fighting but it was ugly and I bear the scars. No one goes through a fire burn of 102 and survives unscathed. I'm still coughing. It ain't normal.

As my body heated up the room started to spin. I grew delirious. Where was I? What was happening to me. I ran cold water across a rag and wore it on my eyes. Behind my eyes there were steel hot branding irons, burning unconsciousness into my brain. It was unbearable.

There are two stages of sickness. The first stage is the feeling that you are about to die. The second stage is the realization that you are not. This is the worst stage of all. There is nothing that you or anyone else can do. You just have to bear it. You have to let the white corpuscles fight it out with the virus and root for the home team.

Yeah and drink plenty of water. the only trouble with that is the frequent visits needed to the bathroom. Each step is a painful throb shooting from the foot to the brain. Oh how I wish to be well again. I'm willing to do anything. It's killing me slowly.

And then the fever would pass. I'd think I was on the mend. but it was only an oasis in the middle of a still barren desert. The sun had set temporarily and tomorrow I'd have to deal with the high temps again.

But it too passed and I'm back in the land of the living. I've been resurrected but I walk a zombie for a few days. Still not back to normal.

It's better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick. - Dave Barry