Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Design of Everyday Things

I know this is a book title and all but I'm stealing it for this blog entry.

I like observing the design of everyday things. It will either pleasantly please me or annoy my design sensibilities.

Like for example the shower curtain in our hotel room. It's got a viewing mesh window at the top. I assume it's to allow me to keep an eye on the door while showering should some Psycho come at me with a knife. Or, maybe it's to allow the steam to escape? Either way it's a good idea.

I also like the little wheels on the shower hooks. They allow the curtain to slide easily and smoothly along the bar. Very cool. Very smooth.

The shower soap holder placement isn't too smart. It's about teeth level. I was very careful not to slip. No one thought that one through.

We just bought some incense matches at one of the art stores in Asheville, North Carolina. Very cool idea. Great for a pleasant non-phosphorous smell. Light a match and let it burn a bit and you have a very subtle fragrance. Why didn't anyone think of that before. It's such a great idea.

We've been playing tourist for our anniversary this weekend. We've stopped in more coffee shops in a day than we do in an entire month. One of the shops had tables and chairs up front, right up against the windows, on a two foot stage. Very cool. You could drink coffee and stuff a scone while people watching. Trouble was the chairs were iron. I bumped the window and watched it vibrate some. I had to be careful on scooting back too far. It's a long way to the floor from two feet up.

The parking meters are very well designed. There was only one for every two parking spaces. Before dropping my coins into the slot I pressed a button pointing to the left or the right. We parked right of the meter. Very good design.

We've been staying in a three-star hotel. It's clean and has been remolded. But they forgot to add more outlets. There is wireless but no place to plug in the notebook. You'd think that there would be a plug near the desk they provide but alas the TV and lamp are plugged there. The only way to get power is unplug one of them. Who thought this up?

The pillow looks nice and puffy but it flattens to the width of paper when I lay my head down.

I guess we should have gone for the five-star.

“I'm so fast that last night I turned off the light switch in my hotel room and was in bed before the room was dark.” - Muhammad Ali