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Photo Collage

Since returning from our trip to China I've been wanting to get some of my pictures up on our wall. Our hallway now has track lighting which works well for a sort of gallery space. The idea is to have a theme for a wall. The left wall is dedicated to China.

So here it is: The China Photo Collage.

I bought four 20x30 black foam core boards and mounted three 10x12, seven 5x7, and nine 4x6 pictures to them. I then built up the pictures in various depths. The hardest thing is achieving three dementional balance. I had to balance the depth, the picture sizes, and their colors. Distributing the colors across the canvas of pictures is key. If I put all the grey colors in one side, it looked strange.

Now I'm ready to tackle a book.

Ambition is a poor excuse for not having enough sense to be lazy.


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