Friday, July 13, 2007

Atlanta Zoo Visit

Last week we decided to visit the Atlanta Zoo. We've lived here for five years and have never visited the zoo. And here's the thing, Atlanta in one of the few zoos that have pandas. I think there are only six zoos in all of the United States that have them.

The Chinese call them 大熊猫daxiongmao (dah-shung-mah-ow), which means "large bear-cat." Strangely enough the scientific name means "black and white cat-footed."

Chinese love the Panda Bear because they are very peaceful creatures. They don't eat other animals but feed mostly on bamboo shoots and leaves.

The zoo is absolutely a peaceful place. Lots of shade. Lot's of interesting things to look at around path bends and down valleys. It's really a great zoo.

We sat down had had a krautdog and soda. Here's a very quick sketch I did of a box lunch sitting on the table.

When we passed the elephants in the afternoon the zoo keepers were washing them down with a fire hose. The elephants loved this treatment. They lifted their trunks so that he could message the underside of the long snout. Then they'd flap their ears and flick the water to their sides.

Next we are off to see the monkeys and warthogs. I find these strange creatures interesting to look at. Almost as interesting as people.

“Life is a zoo in a jungle.” - Peter De Vries (American comic visionary, Editor, Novelist, Satirist and Linguist. 1910-1993)