Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Limber People

limber people
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I think limber people are more successful. Inflexible folks tend to break into pieces under pressure. If you're Gumby you'll do fine.

It doesn't mean that you have to compromise your principles, but it may mean allowing others to express their views freely without fear of judgement. If you don't allow the other person to express what they are thinking, how can you be successful in the interchange of ideas?

Which brings me to the subject of: Conversations.

To me, a conversation is like playing tennis. In order to play well, I have to lob the ball back into their court. They ask a question or make a comment and then I do the same. I must always make sure I direct the attention back to them. I need to sincerely ask to know, not to tell.

A conversation is not a game of Keep Away. Ever had one of those conversations? You know this person. You ask a simple question and get an Encyclopedic answer.

If someone asks me a question I have to give it a satisfactory answer but then I can't forget to hit the ball back to them. If I keep the ball, they'll eventually stop asking me to play.

It's especially difficult to stem the tide when someone splashes into a subject I'm most interested in. I always have to check the volume of information I gush. I can tell by body language when they've become waterlogged. Then it's too late. I tell myself: "Next time give them a short answer."

But I'm of the Limber People. I'll adjust.

Only the alarm clock can fully erase a bad decision. - Dave Terry