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Planes and gates

I thought that flying was bad, waiting in lines, going through security, strip searches, and baggage claim. But it turns out that's really not the worst of it. The worse part is getting to the gate once you've landed.

In fact, our taxi to the gate was almost as long as the flight itself. I jest and exaggerate, but not by much.

After landing in Atlanta our plane taxied to a gate and waited. The pilot came over the intercom to say that it'd be a while. He said they were "preparing the gate for our arrival." Okay, so what's to prepare. Turns out there was another plane in the gate. I guess the "prepare" was to get the plan out of the way. But it didn't budge. So we waited another 15 minutes but finally moved on, looking for another gate.

We taxied a while, we went across the landing strip and found another spot. And waited. There was another plane in the gate.

Eventually we did find a gate to pull up to. I don't know, I kind of figured that a gate comes with a landing. But I guess not.

Why don't they make the whole plane out of that black box stuff. - Stephen Wright


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  1. # Blogger Papa Joe

    Now, you don't really want to get me started about air travel again, do you?

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