Sunday, May 18, 2008

More sketches

After the China experience everything else seems such a let down. I mean, what can compete against yaks and horse rides to China mountains to eat Naxi meals? I miss it dearly.

But to keep things going here I'm uploading a few sketches I've done in my spare time.

And there is little of that lately. I'm back to work. I mentioned that I was laid off in January 31st. So after two months of interviews, letters, emails and a few offers I get a phone call. I got the call just before I left for China. While off of work in February and March my old company was paying a severance. In other words, was paying me as if I came in each day. That was great. It gave me a parachute for a soft landing. I saved and searched. I even got an offer to teach English in China.

But on April 2nd, two days before the plane took off, I signed an acceptance letter.

I did warn them. I said: "Well, yeah, I'll work for you, but you see, I've got this trip I've been planning for about eight months, to China, for a month."

They told me that's okay, they are glad to have me. And here's the real kicker. I got rehired by the same company that laid me off! Go figure.

I was actually thankful. I keep my seniority, vested stock, and grants. So I look at this 2008 year as my best ever. I got three months paid vacation.

I didn't get hired into the same group. I'm on the business side now. So yeah, it's a cool group I'm working with now. I enjoy the work itself. It's very detailed, which is what I like. I'm looking forward to helping them streamline the process and automate some things to make it all idiot-proof.

Tomorrow I run the department alone. My boss is away on vacation and the other guy is also away, so I'll handle all the requests that come in myself.

It's strange, all the time that I had off has really been busy. I've actually sketched less. And yet I find it very relaxing.

This morning I sketched our curtains. Strange subject I know. The subject doesn't matter, it's the practice that I need. And really, a Sunday morning spent with a sketchbook and coffee is divine.

I xeroxed my watch. Now I have time to spare. - Steven Wright


caseytoussaint said...

All's well that ends well. I really enjoyed reading about how everything worked out. Your sketches are wonderful - I especially like the face.

dave terry said...

Yep, so true. Thanks for the feedback.

Papa Joe said...

Wha...? Back to the Enterprise?!? Say it ain't so...