Friday, October 31, 2008

custom blackberry holster

custom blackberry holster
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Sometimes you just have to make your own stuff. Or at least, figure out how to modify it. I hate the idea of paying 30 bucks for a Blackberry holster.

Thirty bucks? Are you kiddin' me? That's my allowance for an entire month. That's more than I spent on my phone. For a phone pouch you wanted how much again?

These people don't realize we are in a recession. Look, if the U.S. Government is giving national banks billions of dollars (well, okay, loaning) wouldn't that give you a clue we are in distressed times? And you want me to give you 30 frog skins for a leather pouch the size of a postage stamp. Come on people!

There's a friendly guy at my local shoe shop where I get new soles for my penny loafers. I took it to him. I showed him what I wanted (see sketch). A day later I picked up my new holster for $12. Now that's service.

I think these malls need to mark a few things down. Their prices are higher than a helium balloon. They all need to deflate their prices and come back to earth.

You can survive a stroke but the high prices for medication can give you a heart attack. - Berni Mac