Saturday, December 27, 2008

Destin Flordia Trip

Destin Flordia Trip
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We took a drive down to Destin Florida over the holidays. It's become sort of a tradition with us to get away during the Christmas holiday.

We get great deals at the hotels and they are only at 10% occupancy. No kids. Peace. We get the pool and jacuzzi all to ourselves. And there's no traffic on the streets on the way down.

We usually pack up a cooler and put it in the back seat. Most stores and restaurants are closed anyway. Cheese, salami, drinks, chips, and coffee are all packed in a box behind the seat.

R drove mostly while I studied, read and sketched. It's about a six hour drive from the Atlanta area. I bought another Mary Higgins Clark and got half way through it on the way down.

We stayed in a 3-star for about $65/night. Regularly $170/night. That's a good deal. So we splurged on breakfast and ate at Waffle House.

Today is the yesterday you regretted tomorrow.