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first watercolor

first watercolor
Originally uploaded by daveterry.
Here's my first attempt at a watercolor painting (as opposed to a sketch).

I hope to do more of this.

I really love watercolor because it's free and open. It's really tough to do though. Harder than it looks. And I really don't know what I'm doing.

While most peoples opinions change, the conviction of their correctness never does.

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3 Responses to “first watercolor”

  1. # Anonymous trish

    I love this!! I tried my first watercolor sketch this past week and it was so fun (and not as easy as it looks!) just found your blog and I've been online TOO long this evening, well, it's morning now-I look forward to coming back tomorrow (I'd better add your link to my list or I will forget) have a great weekend!

  2. # Blogger Marie-Dom

    Beautiful. Difficult to believe it's your first watercolour. The quality of markmaking is so expressive.

  3. # Blogger Terry Banderas

    Nice work. Keep painting!  

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