Thursday, August 19, 2010

watercolor setup

watercolor setup
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Often I sketch on the go, standing or sitting on a small stool. One of the challenges of plein air sketching (sketching out in the open) is where to put/keep all your stuff during the journey or on location.

Some artists carry boxes and bins of stuff in their car. Others use travel easels with fold out bins and drawers of supplies. But that's far too encumbering for me. I like to take just these few items:

1) Waterproof fine black pen (Uni-Ball Vision Needle 0.5)
2) mechanical pencil (Pentel Sliding Sleeve Sharp Mechanical Pencil or the Pentel Sharp Kerry Automatic Pencil)
3) eraser (Design Kneaded Rubber 1225)
4) sketch journal (usually 6x10 inch Carnet de Voyage Travel Book)
5) travel watercolor kit (Cotman Pocket Travel Watercolor Paint Set)
6) Waterbrush (Niji Waterbrush Large round)
7) metal ruler (Walmart)
8) binder clips (Walmart - for securing the paper from the wind)

watercolor setup
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The metal ruler and binder clips work well together and enable me to place my small watercolor kit off to the side of my sketchbook. I wedge the ruler into the pages of the thick sketch journal, and binder clip it in place. I modified the bottom of the watercolor kit using stickable magnets from my local Walmart store. If I don't use the metal ruler, and set the kit on some table or other flat surface, the magnets don't get in the way, as they are flat and cover the entire bottom of the plastic kit.

This little combo fits in my back pocket (I place the sketch book tucked into my waste belt at the small of my back). Sometimes I put the kit into my pocket vest or Lands End Rigger Attaché case.

The lighter the better.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo DaVinci