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a evening recorded with sketchnotes

9.22.2010 Journal Entry
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As an experiment I decided to "sketchnote" an evening of activities.

Sketchnoting is big. A sketchnote is a combination of images and text. Some sketchnoters use fonts to highlight the important points of a presentation, others use more drawings, still others use a combination of both.

The point is, sketchnoting will help you remember the event (regardless of how good your drawings are) because you are employing three sensory inputs to your brain: hearing, feeling (drawing), and seeing. You'll retain 30% of the presentation as opposed to just 10% with only note taking.

The next time you listen to a lecture try a sketchnote. If you don't draw then just make the main points a larger font on your notepad. This simple act will make your notes more memorable. Even a simple picture will make them come to life and a joy to review.

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2 Responses to “a evening recorded with sketchnotes”

  1. # OpenID wagonized

    I simply love this.  

  2. # Blogger dave terry

    Just for fun. Thanks.

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