Sunday, November 07, 2010

illustrated journaling - China apartment

illustrated journaling
Just a quick sketch from our China apartment. Trying to get a sketch-a-day out but not too successful.

Sometimes the journal becomes a list of TODOs.

The cabinet was found in a second hand store. There are so many solid wood items in second hand stores here that it makes me wonder why anyone would visit the Ikea-Look-Alike store here. Most of that stuff falls apart within weeks. It's only "pressboard" (sawdust mixed with glue) and looks so sterile. There is to character.

The owners of the apartment bought the entire living room furniture (couch, eight unmatching wood chairs, table, three cabinets) in a day and had it delivered for a fraction of what it would cost elsewhere or if purchased at Ikea.

The sketch was done with a Preppy Fountain pen filled with brown Noodler's Bulletproof Whaler's ink. Then I added a quick watercolor wash.

(Still sketching in China but the days are numbered. Check out for details.)

Failure is not an option. It is a privilege reserved only for those who try.