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Albert Schanz filled his journal with details of teenage life. Maybe that's not too unusual. Many teens keep a journal. What is unusual is that this teenager lived in 1909 and his journal survived him.

You can read his observations about money and work. Same as any teenager today I'd guess. Except the cost of a show was not $8 but only fifteen cents. A newspaper was ten cents. Big money considering that he only made a dollar for ten hours of work at his father's grocery store.

Click on the image and read some of the content summarized at the forwarding site.

Speaking of journals. I've got a ton of journals I need to sell. And I have pens I need to sell or give away. I just need to unload my bookcases and drawers.

How about a contest?

The best quote wins this 4x6 Watson-Guptill Sketchbook journal. This journal is free. (But you have to pay shipping, about $3.) I'll include a free pen.

Here's the first challenge: Comment on this post with the best quote or saying you've heard or made up.

Remember, the best quotes are one sentence, humorous, and have a twist.

Here's an example and one of my favorites:

I want to die in my sleep like grandpa and not kicking and screaming like the people in his car.

I'll select the winner.

The keyboard is my journal. - Pharrell Williams


10 Responses to “A journal from the past”

  1. # Blogger kitty

    A computer beat ne at chess once, but it was no match for me at kickboxing!!


  2. # Anonymous Devon Ellington

    I absolutely love finding old journals and discovering the people within them!

    Also, I find if I work on an historical novel, reading journals and letters from the period helps me create the cadences.

    Wish I had a pithy quote for you, but I don't, so I'm out of the contest. Best wishes to you, though!  

  3. # Blogger kitty

    Mercy!! Do I win by default?!!! I can't believe mine is the only post!!  

  4. # Blogger kitty

    so do i win by default?  

  5. # Blogger daveterry

    Yes, absolutely. Thanks for the quote. Send me an email with your address and I'll send it right out. Thanks.

  6. # Blogger daveterry

    Yeah, me neither. I know there are great quotes out there but most are silent readers I think.

  7. # Blogger daveterry

    Kitty & Devon: I'm so sorry these got posted so late. I just realized that one of my google filters pushed your comments into a hidden folder. I was not ignoring you guys! I love to hear comments and was wondering if the Internet was broken!? Thanks again for your comments.

  8. # OpenID rowlandjones

    I am quite proud of this one:

    'Do it yourself' is a reply not a motto!

    Also very fond of Guy Debord's lines such as 'Never work' and
    'I have written much less than people who write but then I have drunk much more than people who drink.'  

  9. # Blogger daveterry

    rowlandjones: I like that one. If I don't hear back from Kitty, you can have the journal (if you'd like it). If so, send me your address when you get a chance. (Click on the "Go ahead, write me." link on the right.)

  10. # Blogger kitty

    I am soooo dumb!! I thought your response would come to my inbox since I am a 'follower'....I never checked YOUR responses....derrrrr. Here is my email. kathleentanguy@hotmail.com

    I so enjoy your posts dave!! keep em coming...  

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