Monday, May 24, 2004

Crazy Lanes

I'll never understand why Georgia builds highways with exits and on ramps that merge into both the left and right lanes. In California you ALWAYS exit and enter a highway from the right. But imagine for a minute that you are doing 75mph in the fast lane (far left lane in California speak) and suddenly you see a merge sign for your lane. Highway 285 merges with 400 this way going north. It's crazy.

Or here's another one...say you are doing 65mph on a 5 lane highway in the second from the right lane. Suddenly you see a right turning arrow painted in your lane. Both your lane and the slow lane on your right has been turned into an exit only!

Oh and there's another thing...there is no concept of a fast or slow lane in Georgia. You just pass in any lane. You can even decide to go a slower speed in a left lane. Everyone will just pass you on either side, like a slow fish swimming through the river, entire schools of cars flow past on both sides.


My muscles ripple, but only when the wind blows.