Monday, August 16, 2004

The Computer

I should never have touched it. It was a simple request from my parents to "clean up some stuff" on their computer. It meant just removing a few icons from the desktop, getting a backup process in place, and checking hard drive storage. It should have been a simple thing. But it turned into a nightmare.

After the simple tasks I decided to install some spy ware and reboot. That's when all my troubles began.

Of course after the install the machine wanted a reboot which should have been my first indication that it was taking over, which it did. Never saw the desktop again. Nope it would never appear. Instead I got a red box with some message about a configuration file that had gone missing. What did I care I just wanted to get back to the Desktop. It had an OK button that wasn't okay. It locked.

About then mom and dad walks in office to ask if that's normal. "Oh, it's no problem I lied. I'll just go to SAFE mode." Which I couldn't. Help me someone I'm supposed to the expert but haven't a clue.

I called some numbers. Symantec didn't know even after checking with their "experts." This is getting worse and I've been at for four hours. Okay I'll cut my losses and buy another machine. That's when things got worse.

You see if you know anything about the Terrys you know they plan everything. I mean everything including the height and color of the box. Nothing is left to serendipity. Dad was coming with me to pick out the machine.

We were at the first store at 10:00am. I found the machine similar to the one they had but dad wanted to look at some other stores, SEVEN other stores.

At 3:00pm we found the machine he was willing to buy. Now a day behind, I began the process of moving the data over.

After finishing the process I had to remember what icons they had on their desktop and where they were located on the screen. I must not have done a very good job of it because later that night I got a frantic call from mom claiming the world was coming to an end, she couldn't find her icons.

Well all in all it worked out and they were happy with the new machine. I was happy they were happy.

That's not entirely true, I was happy I awoke from the nightmare and was taking the next plane out of town.

Masquerading as a normal person day after day is exhausting!