Friday, December 31, 2004

How many books have you read?

Okay, I have this friend. He's a great friend. He's been a long-time friend. We just recently visited his family in Florida. We went into his office and he has an entire wall of books. Now, I'm no slouch when it comes to reading. (I average about 2-3 books a month.) So I ask him how many books he has.

"These are not all of them. You see, I keep a list."

"A list of all the books you've ever read?"

"Yeah." he says, like, doesn't everybody?

"I'd really like to see this list." I say. I want to know how many of the books we've read in common. Besides, there may be some books I've missed.

"Sure, I'll send it to you."

So I return home and get in my email this list. It's huge, it's long, it's intimidating. I real quick load it into word, select all text (Ctrl-A), and press the little numbering button in the toolbar. It's 286 books! Yikes.

Now I start looking at some of the titles:

Rise Fall of 3rd Reich/Shirer
The Assassin/Tatum
Protect the President!
Day One: Making of Atom Bomb
Short History of Civil War/Catton
Alexander the Great
In Memoriam, Sir WS Churchill
J. Robert Oppenheimer
The Great Bridge/McCullough
R E Lee: a Biography/Thomas
US Grant, Soldier President/Perret
Hannibal: One Man Against Rome
Symbols, Signs & Signets
...and on and on and on....

Well, you get the idea. These are NOT romance novels. Humm...E-mc2 looks cool.

A computer's attention span in only as long as it's extension cord.