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Writing Humor

I've become more aware of how bad my writing is after reading several web sites about writing for the web This stuff is scary. I never knew I had such a responsibility to the reading public.

Really though, if the writing at a site I visit is so bad I DON'T KEEP GOING BACK! I guess that would hold the same for here and folks that visit this site.

I'm mostly about entertainment here. I may get serious for a sentence or two, but generally the lighter side is the rule. Well, I TRY to make it the rule. Which brings me to another point about humor. Most people enjoy humor on a web page but not the puny kind. Besides, puns don't translate well for international visitors (if you are gifted enough to draw them that is).

Anyway the REAL point I wanted to make here is that the site went so far as to suggest different TYPES of humor such as: aggressive, cynical, irreverent, nonsense, and physical. I got to thinking, Hey, I should try to use these different types. Yeah, I should be so gifted. Now, what in the world is physical humor on a web site? Slapstick cartoons?

Then I got to thinking, "What kind of humor do I like?" and "What do I generally write?" It's not that I write to be funny it's just that things strike me as humorous and I want to convey that view to others.

Not that I want to be a god or a hero. Just to change into a tree, grow for ages, not hurt anyone. ~Czeslaw Milosz

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