Monday, January 17, 2005

An eBay experience

Purchasing on eBay is a crapshoot.

I bought an item on eBay just a few days ago and it�s turning bad. I�ve had very good experiences with eBay so I�m taken aback on this one.

Everything was fine until the package arrived. I open and discover it�s all scratched up. So I send an email and get no response. So I send another, still no response. I made the point that the item was described as �Excellent Condition� and since it was not I wanted a refund or exchange. Simple logic, nothing complicated here. (The picture used for the ad shows no scratches, nor does the ad mention them. Most sellers take closeups of any defect so that you really know what you're bidding on.)

I tell him that if he does not respond, I�ll leave negative feedback. That�s not too great for a seller as most people check out the track record of a seller before bidding on an item. It kind of ruins a reputation. Anyway, I leave the feedback and he responds to my feedback (not my email) with a negative response.

He says in the post that I�m trying to cheat him. Hmmmm, how do I reason with this guy? Is it possible? Like I�m going to cheat him on a $40 item for a $25,000 Porsche (book value). Yeah, like I scratched up the item taking it out of the box? Maybe he's got some complex or something. "Come on dude, chill. The whole world is not out to get you. Decaf."

I've noticed that people who think everyone is trying to cheat them are out to cheat the other folks first. I knew a guy who thought that all the cops were out to get him. I can�t imagine why, he only dealt drugs, robbed homes, and wrecked cars, can�t imagine why the cops would want to pull a guy like that over.

Hey, maybe there�s truth to the old school yard ditty: �Takes one to know one.�

I hope this guy comes clean and sends me the item he described in the ad. Hey, I�ll pay the shipping, I�m reasonable guy.

Sheeeesh, life is just too short for this kind of nonsense.

Cheat me in the price, but not in the goods. � English proverb