Friday, January 07, 2005


That's the name of my folk's cat. She's black and white and a real cutie.

When we arrived she was sitting atop some boxes in the garage. As the car pulled in she didn't scamper off, she calmly rose and watched the front end of the car approach the end of the garage.

I kind of forgot about her but the next time I saw her she was curled on the guest bed on Eric's jacket. We gave her a stroke down her back. She is silky smooth. By contrast, when we attempt to pet Snickers, our cat, he just pulls away; because if it's not HIS idea he doesn't want any part of it. Hmmm, kinda like some of the people I work with. But I digress.

Snickers is also black and white but there the similarity ends. We've always used food names for our animals but don't ask me Why. We've had Snickers, Oreo, Ginger, and even Potatoe Chip (the mouse), but that's another story.

Anyway, back to Emily. She stayed right there on the bed (I assume waiting for us) until we climbed in for sleep at 3:30 am. She didn't move all night because when I woke up in the morning, she was in the same place her paws tucked in under her.

I reached over and picked her up (she must be 10 lbs lighter than Snickers) and she settled down on my chest, gave her paw a lick, and rested her head on my ribs.

If I swap cats, you think the folks will notice?

The trouble with a kitty is that, eventually it becomes a cat. -Ogden