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Lunchtime peace

I went to my usual Borders to read and study at lunch and I was fine for a time. The classical music plays in the background just below conscious thought, and there's a light coffee aroma in the air.

It lasts until a mother leaves her three kids who decide to use the reading couch for a gymnasium. Now they roll up magazines and use them as megaphones. Don't get me wrong, I love kids, but not the loud noisy kind that climbs on leather couches at Borders.

I realize now the mother is far away and the kids are left to find their own entertainment. This is NOT ending anytime soon. Where is the mother? I leave Borders.

I decide to drive to a spot in our office parking deck. I should be able to park in a space where I can get some peace and quiet. I find a place at the edge where the light is best for reading. I'm on the seventh floor. Ah, peace, quiet, at last.

Except they begin unloading a semi-truck below and each time the hand truck vibrates up and down the corrugated ramp to fetch the next pallet, I jump from my reclined driver's seat. Wait, it's stopped. I guess they are done.

All quiet now, the truck has left. I'm back to my book, a place where I get lost in thought. Oh no, a car alarm has just gone off, now a helicopter is over head, a forklift's reverse beeper, and a car's squealing tires up the on ramp.

It's just too difficult to escape. My lunch is over. I've got to find another place next time.

Dreaming permits me to be quiet and safely insane every night of my life.


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