Wednesday, January 05, 2005

My Everyday Writing Pen

The Namiki Vanishing Point (VP) is my everyday pen. It's a click-style fountain pen. If you like writing with fountain pens but hate the two-handed capped fountain pen operation, the VP is for you. It's a very smooth writing pen and comes with a gold nib.

There are three nib sizes. I use a medium nib, which is a fine by most people's standards because the nibs run a little smaller than other fountain pens. You can buy extra nibs for $25 each at You can also purchase italic and stub nibs from the same place.

You can get the pens in four main colors as well as more expensive casings. In addition, the clips and ends come finished in yellow gold or platinum for those of you who prefer a silver color.

These pens are a bit expensive. Retail they run about $120 but you can often find good deals on the Internet or eBay. I bought one on eBay for about $38.

These pens are engineered by the Japanese so the quality is unequaled. Fit and finish is perfect. No other company makes anything similar. I've had mine for several years and they look as good a new. I use my red VP every single day for work and journals.

These are smooth writers. Even on the airplane these pens glide as smooth as glass and they never leak. Since the nib protrudes out of the top of the pen, the nib always points up and is retracted when in your pocket.

I sometimes use different pens, but always come back to my Namiki VP. I actually bought two others so that I don't have to change nibs, I just change pens. They are truly incredible writing instruments.

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