Wednesday, January 26, 2005

My Office Desk

We'll my office is really Ruth's office and recently Eric's office. That's right, all one big happy family office.

Eric did have his machine in his room with a wireless connection. He got a virus, moved his machine down by mine so that I could help him debug the issues. After several attempts it's now clear of any of those pesky self-installing programs those hackers write who have nothing productive to do. Thing is, Eric's machine is still down here. It's right here on my desk, if you pardon the exaggeration.

You see, Eric and I are sharing this plywood work surface spanning two file cabinets. It was to be a temporary solution for the lack of a proper desk. I finished the top and I tacked some half-inch round-over molding on the front side so that I wouldn't roll away with splinters in my gut. This worked real well for a while.

That was twelve years ago. You can imagine what this thing looks like now. It's really sad that we've got all this great computer hardware sitting on this rather early-poverty surface we call a desk. It hasn't been refinished in years, it now has ink spots and coffee rings. The edge and center are brown from our hand oils. I don't exaggerate. It's really worse than I've described. One day I decided to re-paint the file cabinets. They were getting a little rusty, the paint was bubbling and frankly I stopped inviting my friends over. So I built a make-shift two-by-four leg for right side and hauled the offending two drawer eyesore downstairs for a redress.

That was two years ago. I don't know what happened. I ran out of paint I think, then I couldn't get the pieces back together, and the desk was working as it was so why bother. Turned out I didn't need those two other file drawers anyway.

I think Ruth is tired of looking at this mess because she's been talking about buying me a real desk, bless her heart.

I just hope it's a nice desk, you know, nothing tacky.

You can know a person by the kind of desk he keeps. - Harold S. Geneen